About Us

Core37 has it's own factory in Newcastle Upon Tyne so if you order from us you pay factory prices, that is why it is not too good to be true !

Core37 is an exciting new Sportswear brand owned by CORE37 LTD. We have spent the last three years building the largest sublimation factory in the UK manufacturing for the biggest rugby and netball brands out there!  (Unfortunately we cannot name them but drop us a call if you want to discuss)

We believe working with these brands has given us a great insight into what our customers really want - cutting edge sportswear with the highest quality, quick turnaround, great customer service with the best price.

Core body temperature, 37 degrees, is the physical state at which the internal organs and bodily systems function at an optimal level- that is why we are called Core37 !

Using the latest technologically advanced fabrics and techniques, we at Core37 have developed a sportswear range covering all sports. So why not try our user friendly, on-line design and ordering systems and save money for your TEAM !



“we have been involved in grass root sports for over 20 years and know how difficult it is to find the funds for players kit. We set about developing a system that would allow Core37 to supply kit at the best possible price point and the fastest possible lead times but without compromising quality.”
Core37 -Quality, Value and Service